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Swimming Australia's Junior Dolphins program is a great way for kids to have fun with their friends, keep active and improve their swimming in a safe and non-competitive environment.

Swimming Australia are continuing to develop the program with kids aged *5 – 8 in mind who have learnt basic swimming skills. Kids within this age range receive free membership at their local swimming club! 

Optus Junior Dolphins is already taking place in swimming clubs across Australia, will be popping up in registered swim schools throughout the year and we are currently enhancing our resources in preparation to have our programs ready for primary schools. 

For more information on Optus Junior Dolphins go to


Swimming Australia's Junior Dolphins is an intensive, one week program that fits within the Sporting Schools funding model. It allows participants to learn, practice and build on swimming skills each day to assist with the development of water confidence and technique.

Depending on the age of the participants and timing of the program, sessions should range from 30 – 60 minutes.


All swimming coaches, swimming and water safety teachers and primary schools teachers delivering the Sporting Schools program will need to follow the recommended guidelines for delivering aquatic programs:
Age Group  Swimming Australia and AustSwim Guidelines 
Beginners Little or no experience.

1 swimming and water safety teacher: 10 students 
Intermediate Basic skills and can swim 25m of a recognisable stroke.
1 swimming and water safety teacher: 12 students
Advanced Can swim 50m using at least one recognisable stroke.
1 swimming and water safety teacher: 15 students
Please note: Ratios are different for open water swimming


Swimming program costs will vary depending on the requirements of the primary school and delivery agencies. The following program aspects may be covered by the Sporting Schools grant:
  • Program delivery costs - these costs will be dependent on the coach or swim school. Costs may be charged at a fixed rate for the session or per participant.
  • Pool entry costs - primary schools that do not have their own pool may cover pool entry fees for program participants. 
  • Transport costs - primary schools that do not have their own pool may cover transport costs.


Yes. Primary School Teachers who would like to deliver a swimming program should first check the requirements for delivering aquatics programs through their State or Territory Education Department. 

Swimming Australia also encourages Teachers to explore development opportunities and recommends the Swim Australia Teacher course or the Austswim Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety (or equivalent) as a minimum standard for teaching swimming. More information on these courses can be found here. Primary School Teachers may also be eligible for Recognition of Current Competency to contribute to the Swim Teacher courses.

Primary School Teachers delivering programs at their school should refer to their State or Territory Department of Education Swimming Program Guidelines: 


Primary schools and teachers interested in finding out more about training and development options or searching for local club and swim school coaching providers for their Sporting Schools program should contact Swimming Australia.

Swimming Australia

Phone: (03) 9910 0700