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Little Shredders

Little Shredders is a brand new participation product developed by Ski and Snowboard Australia that brings the basics of snowsports to primary schools and community organisations across Australia. Little Shredders is based on the hugely popular Burton Riglet product that provides the opportunity for children to learn the basics of snowsports from the convenience of the school yard through game based learning.

The program utilises custom-made modified equipment built specifically for use in the school yard, and is an introductory program that teaches children the fundamental skills and knowledge to prepare them for an on-snow experience.


Little Shredders can be delivered as a four or six session program in school by teachers or an external coach.  The Little Shredders FREE resource provides a structured program that includes six lesson plans and other key information to help teachers and coaches deliver fun and engaging sessions.

Session 1  Introduction to snow sports, body movement and balance, how to safely use the equipment.
Session 2 Snowboarding stance, balance techniques whilst stationary and moving.
Session 3 Snowboarding grabs, flexion and tension, how to use your toes and heel to manoeuvre over objects.
Session 4  Increased challenge of balancing on snowboard whilst moving, using heel and toe movements to manoeuvre around objects.
Session 5  Increased challenges, rotation movements including 180 and 360 degrees.
Session 6  Increased challenges, introduction of increased movement.

Registered school contacts can login to their Sporting Schools account to access the Booking System and view all the packages available in more detail. You can also visit the Sporting Schools Help Centre for further information. 


The Little Shredders equipment listed below can be hired and are designed to cater for up to 30 students. Schools may enquire to SSA regarding purchasing. Should you wish to deliver to more than 30 students then multiple equipment kits will be required.

  • Three throw back boards 
  • Six Riglet boards 
  • Six Spooner boards 
  • One Grab mat 
  • Two pool noodles 
  • 12 foam blocks 
  • 30 cones

Get in touch to order or hire your pack


Yes, teachers can deliver Little Shredders in Sporting Schools by meeting the requirements below.

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You will need to:

And meet the following requirements:


Contact: Steve Nelson – Participation and Sport Development Coordinator
Phone: (03) 9696 2344