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Rowing Australia LogoRiggers programs enable participants to experience the fun of rowing in a safe and healthy environment that is specifically designed to develop their skills and confidence.

The Riggers programs are not traditional learn to row programs, and seek to develop the necessary skills required to row using quality indoor rowing machines. Skills are achieved through games and group activities, where coaches provide opportunity for children to learn more about the sport of rowing through their participation in a multi-tiered rowing program. 

All Riggers programs are conducted by accredited rowing coaches and can offer a link for the students to their local rowing club. There are also on water programs available for secondary schools.


Rowing is a sport that works out your entire body and promotes team-building skills, leadership and cooperation. Riggers is specifically designed for the Sporting Schools program and provides an opportunity for students to get a taste of the wonderful world of rowing through two programs, the Riggers Indoor Rowing Program and the Riggers Rowing Program (on water). 


The Riggers Indoor Rowing program is available to primary school students in years 5 and 6, and secondary students in Year 7 and 8. 

The program introduces children to the sport of rowing using quality Indoor Rowing machines. Riggers is about learning how to row by having fun and playing games while keeping participants engaged.

Students on rowing machines


The Riggers Experience Rowing program is an 'on water' rowing program and is only available to secondary school students in Year 7 and 8. 

The program introduces young people to the sport of rowing on water through having fun while staying safe and learning new skills through participating. 

This innovative learn to row program engages participants at a local rowing club. Students don’t need to have any prior rowing experience, and all equipment, including the boat and oars, is provided for their use while in the program.

students rowing on water


Rowing Australia will assist any school that would like to purchase their own equipment. For example, indoor rowing machines offer a terrific all over body workout, are robust, need very little maintenance, are reasonably priced and are an asset for any school. Please contact us if you are interested. 


At this time Rowing Australia is not currently endorsing teacher delivery unless they are a current Rowing Australia accredited rowing coach. However, it is planned to offer a teacher delivered Riggers indoor program in 2018.


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