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NRL offers Sporting Schools participants the NRL Sporting Schools program for primary schools and the NRL LIFT for secondary schools. 

Each program is tailored to meet the needs of these target audiences through engaging content that is also aligned to the Health & Physical Education Australian Curriculum.


NRL programs are aligned to the Health & Physical Education Australian Curriculum including an assessment checklist linked to the movement and physical activity content descriptions. These tools are designed to help teachers assess student learning throughout the units as well as maintain records for student reporting. 

NRL lessons can be incorporated into your classroom timetable or run either before or after school. The NRL Primary School program has two age categories, Foundation to Year 2 and Year 3 to Year 6. The program includes five or more lessons with activities based on students’ age and ability. 

The Foundation – Year 2 program uses story based learning to assist young students to grasp the skills and concepts of rugby league. Lessons have been designed alongside a story that builds on students fundamental movement skills where they learn through active play and minor games in a fun and safe environment.

The Year 3 – Year 6 program, developed in partnership with Dr Greg Forrest from the University of Wollongong, is underpinned by an innovative games and sports teaching approach. Research suggests there is strong evidence that the program improves game play understanding and is closely linked to higher levels of motivation, increased participation and more positive attitudes towards playing games and sports.

All activities are modified to encourage maximum involvement and enjoyment for all participants. The units also have a number of traditional Indigenous games designed for all students to engage in reconciliation, respect and recognition of the world’s oldest continuous living cultures.


The NRL League Integrated Fundamentals Training (LIFT) program has the intention of providing opportunities for our Junior High School students to participate in highly engaging and interesting physical movement patterns that promote an introductory understanding of physical literacy. Our program focuses on educating Australian teenagers about the importance of physical literacy for lifelong movement.


All students involved in an NRL program will receive a Steeden football (via redemption). Schools also have the option to order an NRL School Equipment pack (packs for Primary and Secondary detailed below). The pack includes a set of activity cards to help deliver a five session unit as part your Health & Physical Education or sport programs. 

NRL Primary School Equipment Pack  NRL LIFT Equipment Pack 
  • NRL activity cards
  • 20 x coloured bibs (mesh)
  • 1 x heavy duty ball bag
  • 10 x Steeden rugby league footballs
  • 1 x whistle
  • 20 x markers
  • NRL LIFT activity cards
  • 40 x markers (4 colours)
  • 16 x coloured bibs
  • 7 x Steeden NRL football size 5
  • 12 x high bounce balls (2 colours)
  • 2 x agility poles 2 piece (4 pack red)
  • 2 x Training hurdles mixed pack
  • 2 x speed ladders
  • 1 x whistle
  • 1 x hand pump
  • 1 x League Tag Kit
  • 1 x heavy duty ball bag

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For more information on this program contact:

Contact: Jodie Gatehouse - NRL Sporting Schools Coordinator
Phone: (02) 9359 8500  


Yes, teachers can deliver NRL Sporting Schools program by meeting the requirements below.

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You will need to:

And meet the following requirements:
  • NRL Modified Games Coaching Course (6-12 Years) or
  • Contact your local NRL Game Development Officer or email Sporting Schools Coordinator, Jodie Gatehouse -              


To make a booking for your school, please get in touch with your relevant state based contact by visiting the contacts page.