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The Australian Lacrosse Association is thrilled to offer its Sporting Schools program to children across Australia’s school yards. This Sporting Schools Quick Stix product initiative is extremely exciting for all involved and we are motivated to grow our fast-paced game and bring the rapid growth of the sport world-wide to Australia.

The Australian Lacrosse Association is pleased to partner with Sport Australia to deliver this $200 million Australian Government initiative to get more children playing more sport.

As the National Sporting Organisation (NSO) for Lacrosse, we offer schools and coaches quality programs that encourage children to participate in this great sport.


The Australian Lacrosse Association product

Quick Stix Logo 2Quick Stix is a free-flowing form of lacrosse for kids to start learning the game. It is simple to teach and learn, and a perfect option for both  primary and secondary school children.

Quick Stix focuses on the three basic lacrosse skills: scooping, catching and throwing. From this starting point, kids can move onto team play and game rules. In other words, kids learn to love the sport before they take on its technicalities. The program is then modified further to cater for Year 7 and 8 students.

Our teaching guides for primary and secondary are a big part of the success of Quick Stix in schools. Coaches use the guide to make sessions easier or harder, to suit what their kids can do. The guides explain different skill levels and tactic variations, have embedded video clips and tips on how to keep kids engaged.

Let’s get playing!

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Teachers and coaches are our assets

The Australian Lacrosse Association values the role of teachers not just in the classroom but in the school yard as well. Their enthusiasm for improving children’s lives is often understated. Society places its trust and confidence in teachers who as educators, have one of the most important roles for our children, outside of parents and carers.

Coaches are also a wonderful influence on children throughout their formative years. Coaches are the people who deliver the skills with fun and enjoyment.

The information below is a guide to how schools, coaches and sporting organisations can deliver the Australian Lacrosse Association's Quick Stix program within Sporting Schools.

Essentials for schools   Essentials for coaches   Essentials for sporting organisations


Contact: Damien Orr - Growth Coordinator
Phone: 0447 329 397

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