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Essentials for Schools

The AFL Sporting Schools programs have been developed to promote Australian Football (AFL) and increase awareness of the various pathway programs such as NAB AFL Auskick, School Football and Junior Club football. 

Through the AFL Sporting Schools program, we aim to introduce children to the game of AFL through fun, engaging and challenging games and activities that are suited and adapted for a range of age groups and skill levels.


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The AFL has three Sporting Schools program offerings for primary schools and Year 7 and 8 secondary students. Your respective local AFL Development Officer will be able to provide assistance in determining the most suitable program for your students. 

For further information view the AFL Sporting Schools FAQs

Learn AFL

Learn AFL is an Australian Football development program for students with limited to no knowledge of the game. This program focuses on the development of fundamental movement skills and teamwork using fun modified games and activities. Programs have been developed specifically for:

  • Foundation/Prep-Year 2
  • Year 3-4  
  • Year 5-7

Experience AFL

Experience AFL is an Australian Football development program targeted at students that already have some understanding of the game and some skill level proficiency. This program has an emphasis on modified match play. Programs have been developed for: 

  • Year 3-4 
  • Year 5-7

In each program students will develop and enhance their skill proficiency in game based activities and match play programs such as AFL 9s. 


AFL9s is the program available for Year 7 and 8 students. This Australian Football development program will allow students to develop kicking, handballing, picking up the ball, marking & evasion skills. All lessons will involve a warm up, skill development and an AFL 9s game. 

AFL 9s program is versatile that it can be modified to suit the skill level of your students and is ideal for students to further develop their motor and coordination skills while participating in a team sport.


Primary Schools (excluding NSW/ACT*) have the option to choose a program package that comes with equipment. Each pack consists of:

  • 15 x size 1 or 3 Sherrin footballs 
  • 1 x football carry bag
  • 1 x set of portable cones 
  • 1 x football hand pump

*In NSW/ACT each participant will receive a pack which includes a Size 1 Sherrin football, AFL Club stickers & AFL Footy cards.

Secondary Schools have the option to choose a program package that comes with equipment. Each pack consists of: 

  • 15 x size 4 Sherrin footballs 
  • 1 x football carry bag 
  • 1 x set of portable cones 
  • 1 x football hand pump

*The equipment packs are the same across all States/Territories for secondary schools. 


Can teachers deliver?

Yes, registered teachers in VIC and WA can deliver AFL in Sporting Schools by meeting the requirements below. 

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You will need to:

  • Hold a valid state and/or territory teacher registration
  • Confirm adequacy of insurance
And meet the following requirements:


The AFL has developed an array of resources that will assist teachers to deliver AFL on the field but also to engage students in the classroom while achieving educational outcomes. 

Such resources include:

  • AFL You Can Kick Goals – a resource that promotes and educates important community and cultural values
  • AFL Sport Education – the program enables students to develop their skills as players as well as learning off-field roles such as umpiring, team & facility management and coaching
  • AFL Letter Link – a letter writing literacy based program for students based around cultural diversity
  • AFL Lesson ideas – 30 AFL themed lesson ideas in various key learning areas - over 150 in total
  • AFL Record – ideas on how to utilise the AFL Record to achieve numeracy & literacy outcomes
  • Footy Stats – the Australian Bureau of Statistics in partnership with the AFL have developed a program that uses football to improve students statistical literacy
  • AFL 9s lesson plans – Playing for Live activity lesson plans with video links
  • It’s More than A Game – 27 units of work linked with activities in each of the eight key learning areas. Each activity includes sub-activities, teacher notes and student worksheets
  • AFL Explained – visual explanation of the various skills of the game, while elaborating upon the various rules and positions of Australian Football

All resources can be found on the AFL Schools website.

If your school (exc. NSW/ACT) is interested in purchasing equipment please contact the relevant State or Territory AFL representative.



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