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Sports Ability

Sports Ability card stack

The Sports Ability resources are a suite of user-friendly, inclusive activity cards that have been designed to assist teachers in the delivery of sports-based activities that cater for all levels of ability.

The cards outline all of the details required to plan and execute the activities, as well as information on ways to modify elements of each activity to ensure that every child is able to participate.

Through the adaption and modification of game rules, equipment and techniques, the cards provide fun and enjoyable opportunities for everyone to participate and achieve success.

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The resource provides activities from a variety of different game categories that assists in teaching children both general skills, and the concepts of sport.  A description of the activity style for each category is outlined below.



A bowls-type target game played at the Paralympics that is suitable for all abilities. Read more.
Boccia activity card
Sitting Volleyball
A fast and exciting Paralympic sport played in a seated position designed for players for whom standing volleyball may not be an option. Read more.
Sitting Volleyball activity card
An exciting invasion game played at the Paralympics that introduces new challenges to both sighted and vision impaired players. Read more.
Goalball activity card
A modified version of table tennis, particularly useful for young people who have coordination and control impairments. Polybat can also be used to introduce younger children to table tennis.
Polybat activity card
Target Games A variety of target games where players send an object toward a target, that can be played individually or as part of a team.
Target Games activity card
A range of dynamic invasion games involving adapted rules and equipment that can be played either standing or seated.
Hockey activity card

Tee Ball
Striking, fielding, throwing and catching games that can be easily modified for a range of abilities.
 Tee Ball activity card