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Game categories are displayed in the header area of each Playing for Life activity card as displayed above.

Game Categories:    

Select a game category from the list below to view all the activity cards in that category. You can also download a pdf of all the activities in a category by clicking the links below each game category list.

Cooperative Play

Cooperative play activities allow children to develop their problem solving skills by working together to achieve a goal. Activities like these allow children to play whilst developing their physical, emotional, social, and cognitive abilities. 

F-2 3-4 5-6
Back to back pass
Birthday groups
Catch me!
Here, there, nowhere
L-o-n-g throw
Run the circle
Shuttle ball
Take a seat!
Triangle roll
Underarm return relay
Untie the knot

Download all of the Cooperative Play games (Adobe PDF icon PDF 1.7Mb)

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Energiser games are short, simple games, designed to re-focus and stimulate the group. You can use these activity cards at the start, during or towards the end of a session as required. 

F-2 3-4 5-6  
All-in tag  (► Video)
Flip it  
Follow the line  
Frost and Thaw  
Fun on the spot  
Get the bean bag  
How many bean bags?  
Loose carriage  
Low 5's – High 5's  
Partner tag  
Stork tag  
Throw, throw, throw!

Download all of the Energiser games (Adobe PDF icon PDF 1.5Mb)

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Group Management

Group management games are short, simple games, designed to engage participants and keep them on task. They can also be used to transition your group into pairs or groups ready for the next activity. 

F-2 3-4 5-6
Fish in the net
Form a group
Hospital tag
Look out for others!
Splitting pairs

Download all of the Group Management games (Adobe PDF icon PDF 837Kb)

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Games

Games play an important part in all cultures, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. Games were and still are a way to bring people together, sharpen life skills (such as hunting), induct young men and women into the traditions of their culture and simply have fun. 

These games allow students the opportunity to participate in traditional and contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander activities, helping to deliver the Australian F-10 cross-curriculum priority - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures.

F-2 3-4 5-6  
Buroinjin  (► Video)

Download all of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander games (Adobe PDF icon PDF 1.6Mb)

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Invasion Games

Invasion games include any sport where one team is invading the territory of the other team. These activity cards can be applied to teach the skills of sports including (but not limited to) Hockey, Soccer, AFL, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Touch Football, Water Polo, Basketball and Netball.

F-2 3-4 5-6  
4 square  
5-point player  
Base run  
Boundary pass  
Defenders on the line  
Dribblers and robbers  
End ball  
End to end  
Find the goal line  
Keep the ball  
Newspaper hockey  
On-court off-court rapid pass  
Pairs passing  
Pass and run  
Target and intercept  
Warriors and dragons

Download all of the Invasion games (Adobe PDF icon PDF 2.6Mb)

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Movement Exploration Games

Movement exploration games help children develop coordination, sequencing, imagination, memory, spatial awareness, strength, coordination and balance. These activity cards can be applied to teach the skills of sports including (but not limited to) Gymnastics, Martial Arts and dance based movement.

F-2 3-4 5-6  
3 hands, 2 feet  (► Video)
Balancing act  
Circle fun  
Corkscrew tag  
Frogs and lily pads  
Frozen tag  
Hoop races  
Hoop stretch  
How high?  
Mexican wave  
Mini pyramids  
Musical statues  
Nose and toes tag  
Number change  
Pick some spots, join the dots  
Pirate’s gold  
Shapes in space  
Skip to my lou  
Spaghetti bodies  
Spot turns  
Stone, bridge and tree  
Team alphabet  
What happens?

Download all of the Movement Exploration games (Adobe PDF icon PDF 2.6Mb)

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Net and Court Games

Net and court games are simply activities suited to teaching the skills of sports that involve a net stretched across a court. These activity cards can be applied to teach the skills of sports including (but not limited to) Badminton, Squash, Tennis, Table Tennis and Volleyball.

F-2 3-4 5-6  
2 square bounce  (► Video)
Blanket ball  
Continuous tennis  
Keep the ball up  
King/Queen of the court  
Mini volleyball  
Newcombe ball  
Rally around  
Rebound ball  
Wall tennis  

Download all of the Net and Court games (Adobe PDF icon PDF 2.4Mb)

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Striking and Fielding Games

Striking and fielding games involve games that use a bat to strike a ball, while stationary, out into a field of players from the opposing team. There is usually a batting team and a fielding team. These activity cards can be applied to teach the skills of sports including (but not limited to) Baseball, Softball and Cricket.

F-2 3-4 5-6  
6 or safe  (► Video)
Bat tapping  
Beat the ball  
Beat the bucket  
Bowler goaler  
Bucket and hoop  
Catching challenge  
Continuous cricket  
Engage all  
Four bowler cricket  
French cricket  
Hit 4 and go  
In the zone  
Mini tee-ball  
Over the pit  
Target throw & run  
Tunnel and laps  

Download all of the Striking and Fielding games (Adobe PDF icon PDF 2.2Mb)

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Target Games

Target games involve games where a players have to project and object to hit a target. The key focus of target games is accuracy. These activity cards can be applied to teach the skills of sports including (but not limited to) Golf, Lawn Bowls and Tenpin Bowling.

F-2 3-4 5-6  
Boccia  (► Video)
Collect 3  
Corner bowls  
D1 and D2  
Defend the zone  
Footy golf  
Hit the target  
Mini golf  
Snakes alive  
Speed gate  
Target relay  

Download all of the Target games (Adobe PDF icon PDF 3Mb)

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