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Curriculum Resources

The Australian Sports Commission (ASC), in conjunction with national sporting organisations and education professionals, has developed resources that are aligned to the Australian Curriculum. The resources below have been developed for teachers and coaches to support student learning about health and physical activity. 

The ASC has an ongoing commitment to the development of curriculum aligned resources and will continue to assist sporting organisations with the production of relevant resources that teachers can use on a daily basis.


P4L Card 1

The ASC has recently redeveloped the Playing for Life resources to align to the Australian Health and Physical Education Curriculum. They are designed for teachers to use every day - during class, at lunchtime or as part of their PE classes. 

There are over 140 Activity Cards that include information for teachers such as:  

  • Learning intention
  • Skill focus
  • Curriculum content descriptions

Teachers can search for activities by many categories including activity focus and band level to ensure they meet the learning needs of students.

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Sitting Volleyball activity card

The Sport Ability resources are a suite of engaging and inclusive activities that have been developed by the ASC in alignment with the Australian Health and Physical Education Curriculum. The activities provide opportunities for all young Australians to be get involved and have fun through physical activity and sport, regardless of their ability.

The resources provide step-by-step guidance for teachers, coaches and deliverers, including suggestions for ways to modify elements of each activity to ensure that every child is able to participate.

The resource consists of 28 activities that provide children with exposure to a wide range of skills and tactics through sports such as Boccia, Goalball, Hockey, Polybat, Sitting Volleyball, Tee Ball and Target Games.

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Yulunga ResourceIndigenous games and activities have a rich history as they have been passed down through generation by Indigenous Australians. Some games were also recorded by explorers, government officials, settlers, scientists and missionaries in the nineteenth century.

Yulunga: Traditional Indigenous Games (TIG) is a selection of games and activities from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander societies all around Australia.  It provides an opportunity to learn about, appreciate and experience aspects of Indigenous culture. This resource is ideal for teaching the cross curriculum priority ‘Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures'.

The games and activities in Yulunga: Traditional Indigenous Games are:

  • Played in their traditional forms with modern equipment
  • Modified for safety, ease of use or to cater for all ages and abilities
  • Reconstructed from incomplete accounts

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Nestle HAK LogoThe Australian Institute of Sport and Nestlé have been working together since 1999 to bring health and activity into Australian schools. Through Healthy Active Kids, children can learn about healthy eating and activity in new, engaging ways.

The Healthy Active Kids program includes free teaching units and lesson plans for teachers, as well as other resources such as educational games and videos, healthy recipes, and there’s even a special Kids Corner just for children.

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Athletics coaching resource

The IAAF Nestlé Healthy Active Kids’ Athletics Sporting Schools program offers curriculum aligned resources to support flexible delivery of athletics in school. Teachers can choose to deliver this program in 4, 5, 6 or 7 lessons. The program and its resources are designed to meet the development needs of different age groups through the following structure:

  • Beginner (Foundation – Grade 2)
  • Intermediate (Grades 3-4)
  • Advanced (Grades 5-6)

Teachers can access these resources when they run Athletics in Sporting Schools. For further information visit the Athletics Australia website or contact the Sporting Schools Coordinator at Athletics Australia: (03) 8646 4550.

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Little shredders resource

The Little Shredders Coaching Resource provides a step by step guide on how to structure and deliver a Ski and Snowboard lesson, no snow required! The resource includes six easy to follow lesson plans that include:

  • Six structured lesson plans with diagrams to provide clarity on how to set up each activity
  • Learning intentions and descriptions of what each lesson should provide students
  • Instructions on how to best engage your students, provide a clear session overview and sample questions to ask to help their learning.

A Little Shredders Learning Tool is also available  and provides all the information that a new coach needs to be able to effectively deliver the program.

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Play NRL resource

This new and updated resource will provide you with a series of exciting of activities that introduce students to the game of Rugby League in a safe, non-competitive and fun environment.

All activities are developed according to an age-appropriate learning approach that is specifically designed to meet the need of the Foundation – Year 2, Year 3- Year 4 and Year 5 – Year 6 phases of learning.

Additionally, the resource provides detailed unit plans that outline Australian Curriculum Links, Achievement Standards, Focus Areas and Curriculum Content Descriptions for each activity.

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winter olympicsThe Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) have a range of Olympic education programs and resources that align to the Australian Curriculum. Teachers have free access to a multitude of educational activities all aimed at encouraging young Australians to participate in sport and showcasing Olympians as community role models. 

Students can learn about a variety of topics related to sport and the Olympics including Indigenous Olympians, History of the Olympic Games and nutrition.  Resources cover both Primary and Secondary stages and a wide range of learning areas. View the newly developed resources for the Winter Olympics,  PyeongChang 2018 here.

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Smash down barriersSchools have the option to purchase the Smash Down Barriers manual for $20 which consists of 6 introductory lessons designed to assist teachers with any level of Para Table Tennis understanding, to deliver fun, safe and inclusive activities. 

The Smash Down Barriers program is a sport-for-development program which aims to use table tennis as a tool to improve the lives of people with disabilities by increasing levels of physical activity providing leadership opportunities and promoting social inclusion. Click here to view a sample of the manual or contact Table Tennis Australia to order.

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