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Embracing the Game's spirit

CertificateCGA logoWhile every Commonwealth Games athlete will bear hero status just by competing, every primary school student should be rewarded for just getting out there and having a go.

With the excitement of the GC2018 upon us, Sporting Schools and Commonwealth Games Australia have combined to offer participation certificates.

Regardless of whether it’s throwing a ball, doing a somersault or riding a bike, let’s reward our school children for being active with a participation certificate. Certificates are available for both schools and sports to use.

Download a Commonwealth Games participation certificate for your school now.

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letter to athletesYou, too, can get behind our Commonwealth Games Australia athletes by sending a letter or picture directly to them to show your support.

You can write to your favourite athlete or #TeamAUS. Download template.

Send it back to:

Letter to TeamAUS
PO Box 586
South Melbourne, VIC, 3205