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Students now feel the magic of basketball

Basketball - Brunswick South West

Image: In five weeks, basketball was delivered to over 300 students at Brunswick South West Primary School.

Sporting Schools encourages children to try as many sports as possible - you never know which one they’ll fall in love with. Students at Brunswick South West Primary School tried basketball – and haven’t looked back. 

Since running the Sporting Schools’ Aussie Hoops program, more than 30 students from Brunswick South West now play the sport each weekend.

Physical education specialist Sharron Dickinson says the school has entered five teams in the local domestic competition and created a club called “Brunswick Magic”.

“The children became passionate about the game after developing their skills to a high standard,” Dickinson says. “They had a lot of fun along the way and wanted to keep playing.”

Grades 3-6 will also participate in the Hoop Time competitions later this year, she says.

“Having the funding through Sporting Schools allowed our school to get an intensive program with a passionate presenter. In five weeks, basketball was delivered to over 300 students.”

Another highlight of the program was when a “Satellite Group” from Waratah Special Development School joined the school for some sessions. 

Waratah Special Development School leader Alecia Spurr says it was a great opportunity for her students.

“Students have not only progressed in their individual skills, but thrived playing in a team sport with their peers,” she says.

Basketball Australia’s Community Basketball Manager Darren Anderson says he was “rapt” to hear about the combined success of the Aussie Hoops program.

“As a sport we pride ourselves on being ‘everyone’s game’ - and this program is a great example of the inclusiveness that sport offers children regardless of your age, gender or ability,” he says.

“The creation of a new basketball club from the program is a tremendous achievement and shows that the positive impact of Sporting Schools travels well beyond the schoolyard and into the broader community.”

Sporting Schools is a $200 million Australian Government initiative to get more children playing more sport, before, during and after school. Want to run a Basketball program at your school? Check out all the details on the Basketball Australia page.

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Basketball - Waratah Special School

Image: Students from Waratah Special Development School joined in the fun of the Aussie Hoops program.