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Sticking to it – Quick Stix in Far North Queensland

lacrosse students

Image: Students from Mossman have a racket learning Lacrosse.

The Australian Lacrosse Association used creative problem solving to deliver an exceptional Quick Stix Sporting Schools program. Despite not having a coach in the Far North Queensland region, they empowered Mossman’s PE teachers to deliver the program in a time and cost effective way. 

The PE teachers delivered the program for the first four weeks, with a professional coach brought in for intensive sessions in the fifth week.

It was a truly amazing lacrosse and Sporting Schools journey. Over two days Quick Stix Lacrosse invaded Mossman. At St Augustine’s Primary School, session after session was held with the students getting lots of game time and coaching from American coach Sean Aaron. 

The staff came together on day two to display their enthusiasm for lacrosse with a hotly contested lunch time clash between the junior and senior school staff. The stadium setting, player intensity’s and boisterous crowd support was echoing off the rainforest covered hills of Mossman.

“The cultural exchange that was created by this Sporting Schools opportunity was far beyond any expectation and investment that was incurred." 

"It was awesome to see a teacher delivered program because it enables the program to continue to be delivered, year round.” 

“We look forward to future programs at neighbouring schools in the area and creating more opportunities for Quick Stix off the beaten track.”

Sporting Schools is a $200 million Australian Government initiative to get more children playing more sport, before, during and after school. 

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