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Sporting Schools School Yard to Sports Star: Megan Jones

Megan Jones

Image: Megan Jones, Equestrian Olympic Silver Medalist

Do you remember your first goal, score or win when you played school sport and how did it feel?

My school sport was horse riding and as a junior I did a bit of everything; jumping, dressage, games, showing and eventing. I remember going to an Interschool Gymkhana with my sister as the only representatives from our little school, and we won the school height point trophy with only the two of us! I was so proud to win this for our school.


What’s your fondest memory of playing sport at school?

As I rode so full on from a young age, I did enjoy trying different sports; tennis in the summer and soccer in winter. It was nice to learn new skills, but I stuck with riding.


How old were you when it ‘clicked’ that you wanted to be a professional sports player?

I was 10! I watched the three-day Eventing World Championships here in South Australia in 1986, and I was totally hooked; all I wanted to do was ride for Australia.


What are your top three tips to children about playing sport?

  1. Never ever give up... No matter how hard it seems. 
  2. Work hard to make your best better; focus on your goals. 
  3. Things don't always go to plan. You need to be flexible; tantrums will get you nowhere.


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