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Sporting Schools School Yard to Sports Star Chloe Esposito

Rio Olympic Games Modern Pentathlon gold medallist, Chloe Esposito talks to Sporting Schools about her school sport days and has a few tips for kids about playing sport.

Do you remember your first goal and how did it feel?

I went in athletics carnivals and the school swimming carnivals and I just loved it…I really just loved competing against everyone that was my thing. But I never really… yeah, there was no moment in school like Primary School where I won something and said “hey this is changing my world” it was just I love it, I’m going to keep doing it, I’m alright at it, I’m going to keep doing it.

What’s your favourite memory of playing sport?

In my primary school we had the school and then we had the oval out the back and on certain days we were allowed out and play soccer on the back fields. Probably that, we’d all get in our teams and stuff and it was so much fun it was different to the other sports that I did so it was something different, so I loved playing soccer out the back.

How old were you when you knew you wanted to be a professional sports person?

The thing that stands out the most was I think it was 2011 I won a world cup and I think I came 5th and from that day forward, I know it wasn’t a medal or anything, but from that day forward I said to myself, I’m doing the right thing, I think this is where I want to go and I’m going to be quite good at it.

What are your top three tips for kids playing sport?

Enjoy the sport. Never give up. And be healthy and active.

Chloe Esposito