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Secondary program welcomes two new sports

Secondary school students

Sporting Schools has welcomed two new sports on board in the targeted secondary school program from Term 2, 2019. The Australian Lacrosse Association and Volleyball Australia have developed programs to encourage a lifelong love of sport and address the barriers preventing teenagers from participating in sport – particularly for young females.

The Australian Lacrosse Association’s Quick Stix program is designed for secondary school students to learn lacrosse in a progressive style with plenty of engaging activities in a 3 on 3 version.

"The inclusion of lacrosse, via our Quick Stix program, into Sporting School's secondary school offerings is a valued outcome. The 3 on 3 teaming provides the ideal individual and team environment for all participants.” said Glenn Morley, President of Australian Lacrosse Association.

“Lacrosse is committed to the successful delivery of the program and this is the ideal platform to provide young Australians the opportunity to develop hand/eye co-ordination in a fast paced and fun game.” Morley said.

Volleyball Australia aims to connect female participants with local female volleyball coaches through the targeted secondary Sporting Schools program as an engaging and innovative approach to address physical inactivity among young women and girls.

“It is an exciting opportunity we have as a sport to expand our participation offerings and further our reach in the secondary school space. Our School Volley program offers a targeted approach to physical activity for young women and girls.” said Rebecca Walter, National Participation Manager at Volleyball Australia.

Sporting Schools will continue to work with other partner sports for future inclusions.

Is your secondary school interested in offering volleyball or lacrosse through the Sporting Schools program? Visit the Australian Lacrosse Association page or Volleyball Australia page for more information about their programs.