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3504 survey responses will help guide future direction

Lauren Jackson playing basketball with children

Sport Australia is focused on creating generational change. Our priority is to get the nation moving and engaged in more sport and physical activity throughout every stage of their life. 

In particular, we want to embed sport and physical activity in schools and make physical literacy a priority in the early years that will give children the skills, confidence and knowledge to move through life.

To guide us in doing just this, Sport Australia surveyed over 7,300 primary schools registered with Sporting Schools to support the future direction of the Program.  

The survey aimed to help Sport Australia understand the current value of sport and physical activity amongst schools and teachers; what support, tools and resources they need to increase children’s participation in sport and physical activity; and identify what initiatives are working to engage school communities in sport and physical activity.

We would like to thank the 3,504 school contacts that responded to this survey and enabled us to gather the following insights.

We learned through this survey that:

  • Of all survey respondents, one half felt that children at their school are currently NOT meeting Australia’s Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines (that is 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity each day for children and young people aged 5-17 years.)
  • Furthermore, although 59% of respondents feel that the importance placed on sport and physical activity in the school curriculum should be of a very high level (equivalent to numeracy and literacy), currently only 14% feel they are achieving this.

In addition the vast majority of respondents (84%) felt that the Sporting Schools program is currently very important to their school for the increased sporting opportunities, specialised coaching expertise, teacher development, funding and unique sport opportunities that may not otherwise be available to them.

We also heard respondents tell us that to encourage more children to move more often, schools are most in need of:

  • additional professional development and support for teachers and staff
  • assistance connecting with external sport and physical activity providers
  • funding for equipment
  • funding for improved facilities and infrastructure for sport and physical activity.

These insights will help guide the vision for how Sporting Schools will evolve from 2020 onwards.

Survey respondents also had the opportunity to win 1 of 8 $1,000 HART Sport Equipment Vouchers for their school by telling us about the innovative initiatives that helped them increase their students engagement in sport and physical activity. 

We were overwhelmed with the amount of wonderful initiatives happening across the country. Keep your eye out in the next Sporting Schools update as we look forward to sharing our competition winners with you then.