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School Yard to Sports Star: AFL GWS Giants Jeremy Cameron

Jeremy Cameron

Image: Late start to AFL was no barrier for 6 time leading GWS Giants Goal kicker, Jeremy Cameron. Making his club debut at 18 years of age.

Jeremy Cameron started playing AFL at the age of 15 in Dartmoor, a small rural town in Victoria with a population just over 300. Cameron turned pro with the GWS Giants in under 2 years. He talks to Sporting Schools about where it all began and why it’s never too late to pick up a new sport.

What’s your favourite memory of playing sport at school?

My favourite school sporting memory was representing my school in state cross country. I wasn’t a great long distance runner but it was a great achievement from the small town of Dartmoor.

Were you always good at sport? What sports were you best at?

My friends and family would say yes, I loved most sports and I tried to play as many as possible. Golf, Cricket and then later Football were my favourites. In my spare time I practiced hard on all three.

How did you get into AFL?

My friends got me into football - the love for the game was always there, but it was at the age of 15 when my mates got me to training one cold Thursday night. It all happened quickly from there. 

How old were you when it ‘clicked’ that you wanted to be a professional AFL Player? What was the turning point?

When I was 17 I started playing underage for North Ballarat Rebels in the TAC Cup (Under 18’s Victorian AFL representative competition). 

After putting a few games under my belt, I started to believe and dream of big things. 

What are your top three tips for children about playing sport?

Tips that helped me

  1. Try a range of different sports. They keep you active and give you different skills sets. I chose footy in the end, but cricket and golf have helped my football with things like routine, patience and pressure.
  2. Practice, this was huge. I dug my own hole and mowed my own green in the paddock, made my brother and sister face my bowling in the nets and most importantly practiced my goal kicking between two power poles in front of my parents’ house. At the time it was just what I did, little did I know what it would turn into. 
  3. Enjoy it, from the time I was a little boy until now, I’ve always enjoyed what I do. Try to constantly change things up to make it fun! I’m always at my best when I’m happy.