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Out with the old, in with the new

Ashburton Primary School Softball program

Image: Students at Ashburton Primary School practicing their catching skills.

The opportunity to replace unsafe, damaged equipment and learn from an experienced coach are just some of the benefits Ashburton Primary School enjoyed through their first Sporting Schools program.

Twenty-six boys and girls in grade five took part in four sessions across Term 3 with an accredited and experienced coach from Softball Victoria. 

The school also received fantastic new equipment as part of the program, which was put to good use by the students.

PE teacher Dean Worlley reported that overall Sporting Schools was an extremely rewarding and valuable program. 

“The students who participated loved it," Mr Worlley said.

“One of the best features of the program was a clear introduction to wearing and putting on a catching glove. All students were fully engaged throughout the program,” he said. 

Mr Worlley was very complimentary of softball coach Jenny Cassidy, who helped to make the program a success. 

“Jenny separated each skill and focus really well,” Mr Worlley said. 

“She spent plenty of time on each skill so the students felt comfortable before moving to the next component,” he said.  

Ashburton Primary School also received much-needed new equipment through the program.

“Term 3 was my first experience of successfully obtaining funding and spending the money,” Mr Worlley said. 

“We utilised the funding to replace our old, worn out equipment, and our new equipment is much safer and also comfortable for the kids to use. 
“Wearing and using a catching glove correctly can be quite daunting and uncomfortable for some students,” he said. 

The program also provided Mr Worlley with an excellent professional development opportunity. 

“I was thrilled to be able to watch and work with a coach from Softball Victoria as to upskill myself,” Mr Worlley said. 

“I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and learnt a great deal about the game and how best to teach it to a variety of year levels. 

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Ashburton Primary School Softball program

Image: Students teeing off at Ashburton Primary School.