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No improvement necessary - just give us more!

Surf Life Saving Sporting Schools Session

Image: Scotts Head Public School students learning some important techniques from their Surf Life Saving instructors.

Surf Life Saving Australia’s pilot program for Sporting Schools has hit the mark at Scotts Head Public School on the NSW north coast.

Following an evaluation of the Sporting Schools program in which students were asked about what would improve the Surf Life Saving course for them, the clear message was: no improvements necessary, they just want to do more of it!

Scotts Head Public School Principal, Gillian Stuart said their students from Kindergarten through to year six got involved for six weeks of Term 1.

“The program has been improving the children’s fitness and their understanding of safe play as well as the risks and benefits of being in the ocean,” Ms Stuart said.

“Our commitment to our students, parents and members of this community is that our school, and its surroundings, is a teaching and learning environment. This enables the development of healthy, happy, successful and productive individuals.

“The wellbeing of students at the beach is a priority for our community, ensuring that they are safe and confident in their local environment,” Ms Stuart said.

Sophie Tindle, SLSA Pathways Coordinator said that SLSA is very proud to be a part of the Australian Sports Commission’s Sporting Schools Program.

“It not only encourages students to get active, particularly as we face challenges of an increasing sedentary lifestyle, but it also exposes students to some vital life saving skills in a fun and active environment,” Sophie said.

Sporting Schools is a $100 million Australian Government initiative to get more children playing more sport, before, during and after school. Want to run a Surf Life Saving program at your school? Check out all the details on the Surf Life Saving Australia page.