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Let’s Ride brings bikes into nation’s classrooms

Nettie Edmondson chats with kids from Burnside Primary School about learning to ride

Image: Nettie Edmondson chats with kids from Burnside Primary School about learning to ride

Cycling Australia’s junior riding program, Let’s Ride is now aligned to the national Health and Physical Education (HPE) curriculum following the launch of their Ride for Life curriculum resources.

Ride for Life has been developed in conjunction with the Australian Sports Commission and one of Australia’s leading education consultants, Janice Atkin. The resources have been designed to engage schools to teach Australian children how to ride their bikes safely and responsibly through innovative and easy-to-use lesson plans.

Let’s Ride ambassador Nettie Edmondson said learning to ride isn’t just about putting on a helmet and taking off the training wheels.

“Kids need to be taught how to assess risks and react appropriately. That’s why Let’s Ride and the Ride for Life resources are so important – they’re teaching our kids how to be responsible and safe at a time in their lives when they’re looking for independence,” said Nettie.

The six-week Let’s Ride program is a fun and interactive learning experience that teaches children to ride safely by developing their knowledge, skills and confidence – supporting kids in their independence and giving parents peace of mind.

To access the Ride for Life classroom activities and learn more, visit the Cycling Australia website.

Sporting Schools is a $100 million Australian Government initiative to get more children playing more sport, before, during and after school. Want to run a Let’s Ride program at your school? Check out all the details on the Cycling Australia page.