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Golf swings a win with Dapto High School

Golf at Dapto HS

Image: Girls from Dapto High School work on their golf swings at the driving range.

Virtual golf, driving range visits, girls-only classes and aerobic and fitness exercises are just some of the exciting activities delivered as part of the golf program at Dapto High School.

It doesn’t sound like your typical school golf program, but the sessions delivered at Dapto High School through the Australian Sports Commission’s Youth Participation Project (YPP) have been anything but normal.

Passionate teacher, Paul Creighton knew that it would be important to be innovative in the way he engaged his students in the golf program, trialling different techniques for different groups to ensure that everyone was having fun.

“The project has been terrific for our school. We have been able to offer a range of activities to a mix of students that are interested in golf and also to those who aren’t,” Paul said.

“We were able to target some of our Year 7 and 8 girls who wouldn’t normally be interested by offering a girls-only program which was a great success,” he said.

To deliver the girls’ sessions, Paul engaged a few of his Year 12 sports coaching students as the lesson facilitators and to also provide mentoring, all of which he said had great results.

“The girls have really got into the program. Not having the boys around helps them to relax and lose any inhibitions that they would normally have if it was a mixed class,” he said.

Additionally, Paul has seen a lot of value in having engaged parents that are getting involved in the program with their kids.

“The parents have been extremely supportive of the program. It’s been great to have them engage with their children through a sport that they can both play and enjoy together,” Paul said.

Sporting Schools is a $160 million Australian Government initiative to get more children playing more sport, before, during and after school. Want to run a MyGolf program at your school? Check out all the details on the Golf Australia page.