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GAME ON for Australian Rugby Union

ARU 003

Australian Rugby Union (ARU) is now in the top 10 sports delivered in schools across Australia as part of the Sporting Schools program – a feat credited to its recent product and service delivery changes.

Based on Sporting Schools statistics for Term 2 delivery, ARU has now reached the ‘top 10 delivered sports’ following the national rollout of its core junior development products – GAME ON (for primary school children) and VIVA7s (secondary school children).

The GAME ON Sporting Schools program introduces participants to the skills and core values required for the sport. It has a mix of classroom and field-based sessions, culminating in a non-contact school carnival that celebrates all that has been learnt over the course of the program.

“It’s more about the kids having fun, but hopefully underlying that they learn a lot of lessons about healthy living, lifestyle and teamwork and values that will hold them in good stead,” says former Wallaby and rugby union legend, Stirling Mortlock.

ARU now uses a single, online platform – Salesforce – to connect its players, coaches, fans and clubs. Salesforce is set to tie in well with the new online Sporting Schools booking system to manage ARU’s workforce and program delivery.

Sporting Schools is a $100 million Australian Government initiative to get more children playing more sport, before, during and after school. Want to run a Rugby program at your school? Check out all the details on the Australian Rugby Union page.