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Australian children to get more active through PlayNRL

NRL Launch in Holbrook Image: Holbrook Primary School students participating in the PlayNRL programme.

A new pilot programme will help schools increase the number of students playing rugby league as part of the Australian Government’s plan to get more children active and healthy through its Sporting Schools programme. 

The Australian Sports Commission today joined with the NRL to launch the new Sporting Schools NRL pilot programme;PlayNRL

Australian Sports Commission CEO Simon Hollingsworth said the $100 million Sporting Schools programme was Australia’s largest school-based participation initiative for children. 

“Children right across Australia should have equal access to the benefits of sport, no matter whether they live in regional towns or capital cities. 

“I encourage schools, coaches and sporting groups to register on the Sporting Schools website and get involved in a programme which aims to foster a lifelong interest in sport.

NRL Launch in Holbrook

“This programme will help bring schools and sports together to provide a supportive environment that encourages participation for more than 850,000 Australian children. 

“Rugby league is such an iconic Australian sport and like all Sporting Schools initiatives it’s a great way for children to have fun while getting physically active. 

“We are excited to be partnering with NRL as well as many of Australia’s key participation sports to develop the Sporting Schools programme. 

“From bowls to tennis, swimming to rugby league, we are committed to providing an environment for Australian school children to get involved in sport based activity before, during and after school. 

“This participation at a young age is critical to help children develop a deep connection to sport and healthy and active lifestyles,” Mr Hollingsworth said. 

Each year more than 5,700 schools will be funded through Sporting Schools for practical delivery of sports activities that suits their local needs. 

Sporting Schools pilot programmes involving 12 sports will continue to be rolled out over the next few months, with the programme to include more than 30 sports in total from July 2015.  

PlayNRL will be made available to all schools as part of the Sporting Schools programme once the current pilot is completed at the end of June.