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Before applying please ensure that your school meets the eligibility requirements to receive Sporting Schools funding:

Eligibility criteria 


1. Registered with the Sporting Schools program
  • Complete and meet the Sporting Schools registration requirements.
2. Has enrolled primary school-aged children
  • Registered as a primary, combined, or special school.
  • Have students enrolled from P-6.
3. Finance contact details
  • Provide details of a Finance Contact e.g. name, position, phone number & valid email address.
  • Your Finance Contact accepts responsibility for the financial aspects of the Sporting Schools program e.g. funding payments, acquittals, and invoices.
4. Valid bank details (including shared service arrangements)
  • Provide a valid bank name, account name, BSB and account number e.g. account names should refer to a department of education and/or the registered schools general account.
  • Bank details to be provided by the School’s nominated contacts e.g. Finance Contact, Sporting Schools Coordinator or Principal.
5. School Government Related Entity (GRE) declaration
  • Must declare if your school is a GRE (Yes or No).
  • If not a GRE, is your school registered for GST (Yes or No).
6. No outstanding debts with the Australian Sports Commission (ASC)
  • All ASC debt is resolved e.g. no outstanding invoices with the ASC including, ASC pilot programs and/or projects.


The Special Circumstances stipend provides additional funding each term to schools with specific location or demographic circumstances. Eligible schools may apply for the Special Circumstances stipend within your funding application if you meet one of the following eligibility requirements:

  • Is a special school
  • Have students with special needs
  • Located in an indigenous community
  • Have students that identify as ATSI
  • Located in a regional or remote location

More information about Sporting Schools funding can be found on our Help Centre.