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Sporting Schools hits the mark for program users

23 January 2018

Eighty nine per cent or more of people using Sporting Schools strongly endorse the program and want to stay involved, according to recently released national evaluation summary data.

Cricket Sporting Schools Program Smashes the Boundaries

1 December 2017

A Year 4 student from Henderson College in Mildura has described playing in a game of cricket as part of the Sporting Schools program as “the best day of my life”.

The four week program has allowed the college to take significant steps to establish cricket as part of its sports offering after students from Years 3-10 embraced the program.

Cycling step it up a gear

1 December 2017

Following the successful launch of Cycling Australia’s Primary School Sporting Schools program Let’s Ride, Cycling Australia will launch into secondary schools in Term 1, 2018 with Let’s Ride 4th Gear and She Rides 4th Gear.

Sporting Schools expands into secondary schools

21 November 2017

Both locally and internationally, research has shown that there is a decline in sport participation for youth between 13-17 years old. The targeted secondary schools program aims to address this and encourage a lifelong love of sport.

Rowing students take a bow

2 November 2017

How do you help students improve their resilience, punctuality and teamwork skills? The solution may lie in physical activity, as Melba Copland Secondary School has found.

Out with the old, in with the new

16 October 2017

The opportunity to replace unsafe, damaged equipment and learn from an experienced coach are just some of the benefits Ashburton Primary School enjoyed through their first Sporting Schools program.