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Sporting Schools continues to grow and evolve in 2017

8 February 2017

Following the initial success of Sporting Schools, the Australian Government has invested an extra $60 million to expand Sporting Schools’ reach into secondary schools, and help hurdle the barriers that trigger a drop in teenagers participating in sport.

NSW Schools Map a path to sporting success

30 November 2016

Regional schools from NSW were provided a wonderful setting for 30 Kindergarten to Year 6 students to be introduced to orienteering through the Sporting Schools Program. Instructors from Orienteering ACT joined with the students for a day to provide foundational skills of the sport.  

Hot Shots Tennis program developing regional talent

11 November 2016

Thanks to the ANZ Hot Shots Tennis program, Jugiong Public School students made it all the way through to the State finals in Sydney following a successful outing in the Hot Shots tennis tournament in Yass.

Heroes shows there’s magic in all of us

3 November 2016

Heroes’  focuses on the importance of some of the most important people playing sport, for their own benefit, and in the process, being a positive influence on children.

And if you think the likes of Tim Cahill or Caitlin Bassett are their heroes… think again.


Cori Wilder delivering expert coaching to Victorian Students

12 October 2016

Students in over 15 Victorian schools have benefitted from Volleyball Australia’s coach Cori Wilder’s experience. Cori has a wealth of experience playing and coaching volleyball and is now transferring these skills to school students through Volleyball Australia’s Spikezone Program.